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Book: A False god Called Trinity, by Julio César Clavijo Sierra

The Trinity Doctrine is False

Download in PDF format and free of charge, the book "A False god Called Trinity" [Un dios Falso Llamado Trinidad] written in spanish by Julio César Clavijo Sierra, Copyright © 2007 Julio César Clavijo Sierra, first edition, by clicking on the following chart.

This book shows the primitive origins and different concepts about the trinitarian god, the development over the centuries of these concepts, the formal adoption of this belief, a belief the trinity as it is presented in modern times, and the main trinitarian statements that the Catholic organizations have taught for over sixteen centuries, as well for modern Protestants over four centuries.

A false god Called Trinity, is a great work of analysis on this erroneous doctrine and comprehensive rebuttal to those arguments raised by the trinitarians throughout history. For the Jesus name Church, this material is a valuable tool for defending the faith and for education.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Triune god is Not the God of the Bible

The Trinitarian argument. Statistics on religions. The Bible is the rule of faith. The true Church knows and accepts the fundamental truth. Trinitarian theology adultery the main commandment. The explicit statements of the trinity are not in the Bible. The Trinitarian distortion about the implicit and explicit on a biblical text. Words that are not in the Bible. Dogmatic interpretation. The Trinity is a preconceived dogma. Father is God, Son is God, Spirit is God. The Trinity is not in the Old Testament. The trinity is not in the New Testament. The trinity is not found throughout the Bible. The Trinity was a gradual development. It was developed in the ecumenical councils.

Chapter 2. Trinity and its Pagan Origins

The Trinitarian argument. Is the trinity the central doctrine of Christianity?. Babylon the great, the mother of harlots. Nimrod. Semiramis. The mother and child. A mystery religion. Three gods in one. The trinity and the mark of the beast. The false goddess was known as the spirit. Polytheism continues its development. The Trinity thought pagan spreaded throughout the world. The trinity in Mesopotamia. The trinity in Egypt. The trinity in India. The trinity in China. The trinity in Japan. The trinity in Greece. The trinity in Rome. The trinity in the Celts. The trinity in Siberia. The trinity among the Maya. The trinity among the Aztecs. The trinity between the Incas. Trinity among Chibchas. The nation of Israel is a unique case. Objections of the Trinitarian theology. The objection that is something new. The objection that triad is not the same as trinity. The objection that the triad of greek philosophers is different from the trinity triperson. The objection of the time of appearance. The objection of the geographic period. Objection of some other doctrines.

Chapter 3. Old Tradition and Philosophy in the Development of Trinity Doctrine

The trinity is a doctrine of old tradition. The influence of philosophy. Arjé or the first principle. The logos of Heraclitus of Ephesus. Plato. Neoplatonism. Philo of Alexandria. The Apostolic Age. The Christian Neoplatonismo. John 1:1. What John 1:1 teaches us. The post-apostolic age (90-140 AD). The age of the greeks apologists (130-180 AD). Justin Martyr (c. 100-165 AD). Old age catholic (170-325 AD). Tertullian (c. 160-220 AD). Origen (c. 185 - c. 254 AD). The Tolerance Edict (313 AD). The Council of Nicaea (325 AD). After the Council of Nicea. The Council of Constantinople (381 AD). Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD). The Filioque Question. Athanasius Creed. The Roman Catholicism Reform. The interpretation that makes no sense the John 1. 1 Trinitarian theology. Pictures of the triune god.

Chapter 4. Matthew 28:19 and Baptism in Jesus Name

Christian baptism. The baptism in Jesus name was dominant until the end of the third century. Making doctrine of a single verse taking it out of its context. Matthew 28:19 and parallel passages speak us of a single name. The baptism of the true Christian is in Jesus name. Father, Son and Holy Ghost are titles which all belong to one God. In my name. The baptism in Jesus name is a requirement for salvation. Answers to some arguments that oppose to the christian baptism in Jesus name.

Chapter 5. The Trinity Theology Denies the Mystery of Godliness

What 1rst Timothy 3. 16 teach us. The first Adam was the son of God. The second Adam also was son of God. 1rst Timothy 3:16 says or dosn't say God? And what about of the bible versions that say Christ? How could God be justified in the Spirit? The interpretation trinitarian of 1rst Timothy 3:16 denies that God was manifested in flesh. Conclusion.

Chapter 6. Myths invented by the Trinity Doctrine

The Bible relate the number one with God. The myth that the three is the Divine number. The myth that God can't exist alone because God is love. The mistake of calling God person or persons. The neo-trinitarianism and the word person. The neo-trinitarianism and the word manifestation. The neo-trinitarianism and the word tri-oneness. The myth of the three people with the same nature, essence or substance. The myth of the interpenetration of divine persons. The myth of the procession of divine persons. The myth of "God the Son" or "Eternal Son". What the Bible teaches about the Son. Mary Mother of God. The myth of the eternal procession of the Holy Spirit. The myth of the properties and the relationships. Illegitimate and unbiblical terminology. The myth that the trinity is an incomprehensible mystery.

Chapter 7. The Fallacy of the Trinity's Law or that all the Universe is Trinitarian

A myth borrowed from paganism. Trinitarian arguments. Is it true the law of the trinity teaching or the universe is trinitarian? The example of multiplication by one. The modern Physic teaching contradicts the so called Trinity's law and that the universe is trinitarian. The space-time. The matter and the energy are the same thing. The atom is composed of more than three corpuscles minors. There are four states of matter, not three. The example of the equilateral triangle. The triangle as a symbol of the trinity. The triangle was used as a symbol of Trinities from pagan religions. The man is an example of the Trinity's law? Conclusion.

Chapter 8. 1 John 5:7-8 and how was faked with an Apocryphal Text

Publication of the New Testament of Erasmus. 1. John 5:7-8 according with the scholars biblical view. The apocryphal breaks the original meaning of the original biblical text. Comments on verse 1, Comments on verses 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 through 9. The testimony of the Spirit. The testimony of the water. The testimony of the blood. Comments on verses 10-12. The apocryphal error.

Chapter 9. The Hebrew Word Elohim

The Hebrew word "El". The Hebrew word "Eloah" and its Aramaic equivalent "Elah". "El" and "Eloah" are singulars forms while "Elohim" is a plural form. The argument of the trinity doctrine. Refutation of the trinity argument. Trinitarian predisposition. How many people might it would refer? A polytheist statement. When Elohim means gods (with small "g")?. "Elohim" is applied individually to false gods. "El", "Eloah" and "Elohim" are used interchangeably to refer to God. An expression to the exceeding greatness of Creator's power. A common use refered to spiritual beings. also used to human authority. One true Elohim. Elohim is the Father. Jesus is Elohim. Conclusion.

Chapter 10. The Lord God And His Spirit

The trinitarian argument. Refutation of the trinitarian argument. God is Spirit. Similar to the expression "a man and his soul. Isaiah 48 speaks of one God. God is the Holy Spirit. Does that make a third person? Only there is one Spirit (with capital letter "E"). The Holy Spirit is the Father. The Holy Spirit is Jesus. Jesus promised us give us a mouth and wisdom in the hour of trial. Jesus is the one that sanctifies. Jesus is the comforter (parakletos). Is Jesus who speaks to the seven churches of Asia in the book of Revelation. The Lord Jesus is the Spirit. Jesus is Jehovah, therefore He is the Spirit of the Jehovah. One Lord. Jesus is the only Lord. Three spirits?. The Spirit of the Father and the Son, is the only one Holy Spirit.

Chapter 11. The Right Hand of God

The trinitarian argument. Refutation of the trinitarian argument. God is the Omnipresent Spirit. Use of the words right and aside in their literal sense. Other meanings of the word rigth. The word right in relationship with God. Messiah or Christ. The Messiah is God manifested in the flesh. Principle of the Messiah. The Man to the right hand of God. The Messiah is the Suffering Servant. The Resurrection of the Messiah. The Messiah is the only Mediator. The Messiah seated at the right hand of God. The Glorified Christ. The Messiah will come again. The Messiah is the Son of Man. The end of the messianic kingdom. The Eternal Kingdom of our Lord.

Chapter 12. Controversial Biblical Passages from the Old Testament

The trinitarian argument. Refutation of the trinitarian argument. Three divine persons talking each other?. Elohim. The Lord God and His Spirit. Echad. The three men who visited Abraham. The angel of Jehovah. Two Jehovah?. The Blessing of Jacob to Joseph. What about another triple repetitions. Messianic prophecies. The wisdom. The Son of Man and the Ancient of Days. The son of the gods. Conclusion.

Chapter 13. Controversial Biblical Passages from the New Testament

The trinitarian argument. Refutation of the trinitarian argument. Triples references. The apostolic blessing. Greetings and farewells in the epistles. The only begotten Son. I and the Father are one. One God, the Father and one Lord, Jesus Christ. The Son and His God. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Father. The Son sent by His Father. Distinctions between the Father and the Son. The contradiction of the three omnipotent persons. The contradiction of the three omniscient persons. The Contradiction of the three almighty persons. The contradiction of the three eternal persons. The biggest contradiction of the trinity. Two witnesses. Three witnesses. Dialogue between divines persons?. The Jesus'prayers. Monlogue of Jesus?. The baptism of Christ. Denying the Father and the Son. The other comforter. Unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb. The diabolical trinity. The New Testament's plan of salvation. The New Testament's rules of holiness.
Written by Bro. Julio César Clavijo Sierra, United pentecostal Church of Colombia (National Group)http://www.pentecostalesdelnombre.com/docspdf/dios_trino.pdf

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